Friday, April 25, 2008

Christmas in Iowa

We were so blessed (thanks mom and dad) to spend Christmas in Iowa with my brother and his family. It was truly one of the most fun family trips to date. There was lots of snow, lots of food, and lots of family fun. Alex absolutely LOVED seeing his cousins Jack and Ethan. He thinks they rock! They had loads of fun building lincoln log houses, playing hide-n-seek and Aelx's favorite...SLEDDING! (He also loved playing Dr. Alex with his super-cool Auntie Shannon who is an RN at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines). Emma loved getting to know the "Haller boys" and getting lots of love and attention from everyone. MayMay and Bompy had fun too...and shed a few tears at the thought of eveyone together for the holidays. Even Brian got to participate in some traditional Iowa activities ( specifically...shoveling snow!)

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